Our Servers Are Deafening!

A loud server is a better server. These servers are so deafening, you're guaranteed to lose your hearing within five minutes of standing in our datacenter.

Go Deaf Today


Located in my mother's basement on a residential Comcast Internet connection, each 20x20 ft room has roughly 500 servers stacked on top of each other. Poor ventilation and little to no disaster prevention makes this the best datacenter to host your business. Hope mom doesn't turn on the Netflix!

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As loud as Jets

Each room generates 160dB. The roar is so loud, our technicians are only allowed in the room for no more than 2 minutes at a time. That means there's now a lesser chance your server goes offline due to accidental cable tripping.

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Best Support

As most of our technicians are hard of hearing, support is handled solely through live chat and tickets. Response times for tickets are currently within 10 minutes.

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